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Rowin LN-328 Mini Tube Drive Effect Pedal
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Back in the day - pre-1980's - most electronic gear ran on tubes (whether it was amps or TV's).  On guitar amps as these tubes heated up they would begin to color the sound with warmth and some distortion.  Guitar players would over drive the amps to get natural distortion or also use a combination of distortion or fuzz pedals for even greater distortion sound. Today you can get that same wam tube driven sound no matter what amp you use, simply using this small pedal.  

The Rowin LN-328 Mini Tube Drive Effect Pedal has a toggle to switch between Boost and Normal.  This helps define some of the drive and distortion, while the three other knobs - Volume, Tone and Gain - give you more control of the tube driven effect.  

This effect pedal works great when you need to roughen the edges with some tube drive distortion, or to cut through a mix when soloing.  The true bypass switch lets you completely bypass this effect without adding any noise to your signal chain.  

Small Pedal - Awesome Sound!


Type: Effects, Distortion, Booster, Tube Driver
Model Number: Guitar Effect Pedal
Working current: 21mA
Power supply: DC 9V
Mode: normal and boost
Input: 1/4 inch mono audio jack
Output: 1/4 inch mono audio jack
Remote Control: No

Shipping & Delivery

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Rowin LN-328 Mini Tube Drive Effect Pedal

Rowin LN-328 Mini Tube Drive Effect Pedal