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Rowin LEF-305 Holy War Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal
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The distortion effect can be traced back to pre-1960's classic rock, but it was not until early 1960's that bands like The Wrays, The Kinks, and The Beatles began to infuse songs and entire albums with crunchy distortion.  Whether it was overdriving a small amplifier or slashing the speaker cones (as Ray Davies from The Kinks did), distortion in modern music was here to stay.

In 1962, Gibson developed the first distortion pedal known as the FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone, which is most famously heard on Keith Richards' riff on Satisfaction. The distortion pedal has changed over the years with different circuits.  At its core the effect's sound will be distinctly different based on the circuits use of different transistors, diodes, capacitors and other components.  


The Rowin LEF-305 Holy War Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal has three essential settings - Hi Boost, Boost Off, and Lo Boost.  These are High Pass and Low Pass Filters, with a normal bypass non-boosted setting (the Boost Off).  These allows either the high or low range frequencies to be cut giving you ability to color the sound of your distortion for any heavy metal, hard rock or Goth style music.  

In this small package you also have a Volume, Tone (EQ) and Distortion knob to control the amount of crunch.  In combination with your guitar's volume and tone controls as well as your amp's volume, gain, and tone settings, you will have a very wide range choice of distortion. 

The Lo Boost works great for Goth or Heavy Metal distortion, while the Hi Boost helps cut through a mix with searing guitar solos.  


  • Analog Style Circuit
  • Three Modes - Hi Boost, Boost Off, and Lo Boost
  • Volume Gain, Tone controls and Distortion Level knobs
  • True Bypass
  • Mini-Size, Great for crowded pedal boards or for travel
  • Uses Standard DC 9V Adapter (optional)
  • Metal Case
  • Type: Effects
  • Model Number: LEF - 305
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Rowin LEF-305 Holy War Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal

Rowin LEF-305 Holy War Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal